How will you multiply your impact™?

For years athletes, musicians, and artists have used a Coach to hone their talents. As a professional, isn't it time you upped your game by having a Coach as your advocate and ally? You're trained and experienced, and you've achieved much already.

Now it's time to meet new challenges and propel yourself forward to even bigger things. Become Extraordinary!

˙ǝʌᴉʇɔǝdsɹǝd ʇnoqɐ sᴉ ǝɟᴉl

˙sɹnoʎ ǝƃuɐɥɔ noʎ dlǝɥ ǝɯ ʇǝl

My Coaching Manifesto

What your coach believes is important because it will inform every aspect of how they work with you.

This is what I believe, in 93 seconds.

A Bias for Action

You are about action.

I will help you clarify your game and the game plan that you'll follow to achieve your goals. We'll uncover together where you may be limiting the very progress you desire, and break through those limitations.

I help you find clarity – you focus the lenses through which you see your environment. Then we'll get to work constructing an environment around you that supports your game and makes effective action simple.

If you have a team around you, I do the same work with them while simultaneously working with your leadership team to craft the culture that propels your organization forward!

Armed with actionable knowledge gained through coaching, you will achieve more, faster.

Working Together

Coaches don’t do for you, they help you do for yourself more efficiently and effectively. I collaborate with you to hone your thinking, break through your self-imposed limitations, and craft the best You in all areas of your life.

I'm your multiplier, here to help you gain more knowledge about yourself and how you show up in the world, experience the things you've relegated to your dreams, and level up your skills to play bigger than you dare consider today.

When working with me you can be certain I will:

  • Listen to you intensely & critically

  • Ask you powerful questions

  • Challenge you

  • Support you

  • Motivate you

  • Guide you

  • Understand you

  • Help you evolve

  • Strategize with you

  • Collaborate with you

Why Work with Me

  • Make significant changes to your current trajectory, your "default future"

  • Define your personal legacy

  • Develop financial independence

  • Set more challenging goals, and reach them faster

  • Make a bigger impact in the world

  • Expand your capacity

  • Design a more fulfilling lifestyle

  • Become a better manager, executive, businessperson

  • Create stronger relationships

  • Develop Mastery

  • Improve your performance

  • Make better decisions

  • Gain personal sovereignty

  • "Create" time

  • Reduce stress

  • Find and explore your creativity

  • Gain focus in your activities

  • Build supportive and stimulating environments

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Things that Grow Together Go Together

As a solopreneur or 1099-type individual, you don't always have the support you need to support you in your business growth. I've got a solution for that! It's like having your own Executive Board, market research focus group (your Sounding Board), and your personal coach focused on your success (me!).

With a few meetings per month and online support in between, it's designed to help you maintain focus on your growth as a small business. And even if the world throws a pandemic your way, you'll be able to maintain growth and focus and make forward progress.

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My Client's Dreams, and How I've Helped Them Multiply Their Impact

Keeping Focus

I met David Sherrod through a Gold Star Referral Group on several occasions. David impressed me with his different approach to coaching and we decided to move forward right at the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic. This proved to be just the right medicine for my team at the time. David coached my team for six months; it kept us on track and focused us on our goals when many in our industry were off 35% of their goals or previous year's business. We are close to achieving an aggressive growth goal for 2020 established in the fourth quarter of 2019. My office manager and myself are continuing to coach with David currently.

If you never tried coaching or are looking for something different this program is for you!

Steve Smith

Learn more about the work I did with Steve Smith & Associates, and access additional resources you can use.

Charm London

Launching a New Brand

David is very professional, patient, and a great listener. He provides organized content that makes you think and to grow. And is supportive of the growth that I’m looking for. It’s authentic growth because he's not trying to push somebody to be what they’re not being. He allows them to establish their personal goals and helps them to achieve them.

Building a New Product

Let’s start at the top, David is an excellent Executive Coach. He is excellent at building a personal relationship with you. Through the building of the relationship, he will listen to you intently and make you aware of the influences of your environments. Unlike other typical coaches, he doesn’t provide boilerplate but works with you to determine “how” these influences impact you. Additionally, he helps you see all sides of your environment and how they impact you. Lastly, he always has a positive aspect to him and his message. That’s important to me. I am excited to see how David will coach me to the next level.

Dean Pickett

Joseph Di Stefano

Career Transformation

David has been a significant presence and positive force in my life over the months since he agreed to be my coach. His insights, perspective and support has been invaluable to me during a career transformation. Amazing to me was how quickly he connected with me. In the process of doing so, he created a safe, comfortable and productive environment; built on trust, respect and absence of any personal judgement. I look forward to discovering the possibilities for the future. Thank You Coach Dave!

Opening a New Business

David took the time to educate himself about my business and me as a person. Resulting in a 100% customized, Concise, Practical, Business Specific Coaching Plan. This helped me navigate to the next level in business & life. Providing me with actionable weekly assignments. Offering a valuable 2nd set of eyes to help me break through some long-standing plateaus. Realigning my goal strategies. Executing short term goals and still making progress on long term goals in an expedited manner.

Bottom Line, this is Top Notch Coaching at an Executive level.

Dan "Wes" Wesley

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