Alchemist Experience

I hope this is your best year ever.

Not just better than last year.

The Best. Year. Ever.

That you're healthier, wealthier, and wiser. That you find joy in your work and personal realms, and multiply your impact™ in the world. That you move closer to achieving the amazing things you're here to do, on your own terms.

And I'm certain I can help you along your way. Together we can instill better habits, address underlying (and sometimes unknown) fears, and design the environments around you to propel you forward.

You want much from this world – we all do.  It's a big part of the journey, to discover ourselves and improve ourselves.  To make connections with the world at large. To leave the world better for your journey through it. On your own terms.

You are on The Hero's Journey, and you're the star of the show.  You've heard the call to adventure, and either are telling yourself you're not worthy/capable/enough, or you've started down the path without a mentor (your advocate and ally) to help you navigate your journey.

For years I've identified as the Advocate for your success; Ally in its pursuit. I'm certain I can help you along your way.  I understand The Hero's Journey, the challenges we all face including fear, uncertainty, and doubt. I have a proven history of helping people transform.  I do this through co-creation with you – Challenges, Obstacles, Fears, Habits, Design – all can be utilized to propel you forward.

The Alchemist Experience is my offering from Multiply Your Impact to transform you, to help you create your Best Year Ever - and to help you learn to make every following year even better.

It's a full-year commitment focused on defining in depth your Destiny, Character, and Calling – and bringing yourself into action in the world in a powerful way. Together we look at your life (professional and personal - you have one life) through 9 different lenses to understand what is working for you and what isn't, so that we can decide what to keep, what to abandon, and what to procure. We explore your personal leadership in the world. We will address the fears, even unstated, that are weighing you down and keeping you from transforming your life into gold.

"Coaching doesn't make sick people well. It helps healthy people become extraordinary."

- Thomas Leonard (founder of coaching)

The Alchemist Experience is how you become extraordinary.

Your year starts whenever you're ready to invest in yourself and turn your life into gold.

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