You and Me Together

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Multiply Your Impact.™

These are a few of the programs I offer to Multiply your impact.™

As your coach I will guide you into bigger games, activities outside of your comfort zone, new challenges, and greater risks. You will explore the world around you and the world inside you.

Together we will discover and conceive places where you can create the greatest value in the world and experience success, while really enjoying your game.

I work with YOU to Multiply your impact™ in any aspect of your life.

Custom-Fit Coaching

A fully-customized coaching experience designed exclusively for you.

It's your life, your actions, your agenda. Shouldn't your coaching program be tailored accordingly?

I bring everything I know and learn to your service - Meeting you where you are, we will play with elements of Play Life™, World Power™, and Inner Freedom™ . We'll weave in any of a multitude of coaching and business methods that are appropriate for your journey.

Program specifics are designed after initial consultation and continuously modified to addresses your growth and changing circumstances.

Magnum Opus

Create your Best Year Ever - and learn to make every following year even better.

This full-year commitment focuses on defining in depth your Destiny, Character, and Calling – and bringing yourself into action in the world in a powerful way.

Together we look at your life (professional and personal - you have one life) through 9 different lenses to understand what is working for you and what isn't, so that we can decide what to keep, what to abandon, and what to procure. We explore your personal leadership in the world. We will address the fears, even unstated, that are weighing you down and keeping you from transforming your life into gold.

You'll ensure daily progress toward your goals with the seasonal Alchemist Journal as well.

I work with you AND YOUR TEAM to Multiply your impact™ across an organization.

Hidden Diversity

As a certified HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) Practitioner since 1998, I've worked with a number of intact work teams to increase their appreciation of the value of a hidden diversity - how we think.

Over the 20 years since I first began coaching in this manner, I've added to my understanding of different ways individuals interact, how groupthink gets a foothold, and how leaders and team members can unwittingly destroy the innovation they often seek.

Inclusion of a diversity of thoughts, ideas, and thinking styles on teams is a critical success factor for successful businesses of all sizes. I work with you and your team to expand your impact in this area.

People First

"People are our most important asset." - Generic Company Executive

So why does the entire organization seem to be designed to thwart the individual?

I work with your HR teams and select managers to evaluate your internal systems for alignment to the purpose of the organization, and help define the training for your people leaders. When the actions that come from these systems are aligned with the words being spoken by an organization's leaders, a strong culture that does care about (and retain!) people emerges.

And a big side-effect - your employees bring all of themselves to their work.

I also offer PROGRAMS tailored to your needs that give you actionable knowledge.

Keep Your Commitments

I blend multiple disciplines and methodologies into a customizable framework that allows you to make commitments with confidence.

During this 3-hour experience you'll learn repeatable actions and behaviors that will help you make and keep commitments to yourself and others. You'll put this knowledge into action during our time together.

An additional hour, a week later, is included for fine tuning your personal system, and for support.

Manager, Improved

Preparing for a promotion? Want to become the manager with a phenomenal team? Or the leader with a team of high-performers that set the organizational bar?

Management today is about the connections you make with your team, peers, and others throughout the organization. Leadership is about weaving your values and principles into your own style that resonates with those around you.

Connected Age management strategies joined with Higher Ground Values-Centered Leadership® and CASTLE® Principles is the next step in your evolution and growth, regardless of where you are in your management/leadership journey.

This series of coaching sessions coupled with designated readings and self-assessments will help you refine your personal leadership style while learning to navigate and grow through the experiences that entrap many managers.

Still unsure?

Call me for a conversation to evaluate how coaching would improve your world.

Experience Coaching

Whether you've never experienced coaching, or simply haven't experienced it with me, this 1 week program will give you a taste of my style of executive coaching.

You'll experience:

  • 1 full coaching session

  • 1 mid-week progress check

  • 1 follow-up session

  • Authentic Coaching Expectations

  • Challenge and Growth