Pleased to announce that I've earned the International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Higher Ground Leadership® Certified Coach Credentials.

Here are the press releases.

About Me

The expected stuff

I have 30 years of experience in coach-approach leadership through personnel management, project & portfolio management, and process alignment across multiple types of organizations. My career spans consulting and direct employment with start-ups, small businesses, government, and Fortune 20 companies.

Throughout these experiences, I've focused on helping individuals leverage their unique skills through significant improvements in their personal understanding and productivity. I've helped organizations of all sizes improve their bottom line while strengthening their relationships with personnel and customers via culture design, process improvement, and strategy alignment.

I support individuals and organizations in attaining alignment between their purpose and their actions through education and coaching. I help individuals in roles as diverse as Solopreneur to Chief Executive achieve more and multiply their impact in work, charity, and life.

In addition to founding Multiply Your Impact, LLC, I currently teach other coaches and coach-approach leaders at the CoachVille Center for Coaching Mastery.


A lifelong learner, I hold professional certifications including HBDI Practitioner from Herrmann International, PMI-PMP from the Project Management Institute, CVPCC from the Center for Coaching Mastery at CoachVille, PCC from the International Coaching Federation, and Higher Ground Leadership® Certified Coach from The Secretan Center.

I focused my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) thesis on Learning Organizations despite the formal classwork focus of Technology Management, and have been applying my diverse knowledge and experience to organizations and individuals ever since.

The fun (and deeper) stuff

I've always been a helper. The stories about my youth echo this theme repeatedly. And this theme has been consistent throughout my career. Today I recognize my purpose is to help others recognize and share the best of themselves, as I pursue that same goal for myself.

Destiny, Character, and Calling

During my Higher Ground Leadership® training in 2019 I created my Destiny, Character, and Calling statements - my Why-Be-Do® for short.

My Destiny (Why I am here)

To help craft a more inclusive world.

My Character (How I will Be)

To be an authentic and loving person.

My Calling (What I will Do)

To model inclusivity through listening, learning, coaching, and teaching.


I love a good puzzle, and putting disparate ideas together is a challenge in which I frequently find myself happily engaged. As my career has evolved, I find the skills I've honed in looking at things differently, creating unique results from unrelated but common inputs, and experimenting to find unexpected paths to goal realization has been a fantastic byproduct of my natural curiosity and drive to find better ways.

It is a great joy of my life that I am continuing to do these things and more, in service of others through coaching. Along the way I gain more knowledge and experience, and that growth propels me forward.


Always challenging people to bring a spirit of play into their environments, I play while supporting multiple charities with my bicycle — including century bicycle rides (100 miles) and antics like executing 10 daily workouts on a bicycle trainer sequentially in one day (earning my KoS!). If the Columbus Crew SC or FC Barcelona soccer teams are playing, I'm loudly cheering them as near to the field as I can get.

David presenting on the topic of alignment of the dream of an entrepreneur with the reality of self employment, with actionable steps to help said individual improve their reality.

Thoughts shared from others who've worked with David

He builds strong relationships with people while also keeping a high level of accountability. He works well at all levels of an organization and has the ability to see the bigger picture and handle ambiguity and complexity.

David is a thoughtful and collaborative leader that seeks the best out of his people. He focuses in on the positive and he is willing to address issues or concerns as they arise.

In addition to working with technical associates and understanding the technology, David was easily able to transition to work with our customers explaining the technology solutions and details in a manner they could understand.

David has great personality with integrity and enthusiasm. Understands the different team members styles and how to capitalize on each at the proper time to reach intended goals. Knows how to empower the team to bring the best of their skills.

Which will rule your day - Fear or Hope?

Actually, you need both to

Multiply your impact™!

What's with 01 + 01 = 10?

Putting aside the math*, I mean it to symbolize that we're not meant to play alone. Neither "work" nor "life" are games of solitaire. And once we get past our training to "think on your own" and "do your own work" we realize there really is strength in numbers. When you work in a team, or direct a team, the combination of you and each of the other people also has this incredible potential to demonstrate where the sum is greater than its parts! Whether you're working with me individually, or I'm working with you and your team, I'm your multiplier!

We're all meant to do Great Things in our worlds; we all impact those around us. How this happens varies with our knowledge, experience, and skills. And all of these can be improved with a coach.

* The base 2 math equation 01 + 01 = 10 is more familiar to us when written in base 10 as 1+1=2. It's the language of computers. It seems like weird multiplication because it exposes us to a different way of thinking about two numbers we see all the time. Similarly, I'll expose you to different viewpoints of the familiar things in your world so that you can achieve much more because of that understanding. You'll be a more capable "01" than before we started working together. When you and another team member are working together, you'll both be a more effective "01". I'm your multiplier - I help you Multiply your impact™.

Curious about my logo?

Designed by the incredible Kevin d. Glenn, there are multiple meanings embedded in the mark. First is the xi - a short form of Multiply your impact™. When I saw the drafts of the logo, the i looked to me like the representation of a person, and the x their larger shadow, showing the person's impact as larger than themselves. The circle represents for me the sun, and life. That it is slightly askew of the black circle reminds me that life is messy, as it should be. Finally, xi is like the roman numeral way of writing 11, which makes me happy considering the math equation above; and is also a challenge to always go beyond: if 01 + 01 = 10, how do we get to 11?