I use a number of tools in my practice and in my marketing. These are those which I recommend by the fact that I'm using them successfully. I may receive an affiliate stipend or compensation if you purchase these products. For that, I thank you.

Some Technical Tools

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Send Out Cards - A better way!

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Send Out Cards - Relationship Marketing


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Greener Still related products

As an affiliate with SendOutCards, which I use in my business, I also have affiliate connections with these other Greener Still relationship brands. If you're interested in them, click below:

Bella Cadeaux –Strengthen your relationships with others with gifts that speak the language of the heart.

Blue 42 for Life – Develop the relationship with yourself and the life you live with nutraceutical products.

Stream Marketing – Serve the world in the way only you can by bringing your business to those who need it most.

Stream Virtual Assistant – Expand your reach by plugging into the virtual assistant services designed to help you celebrate and connect with your clients.

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